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November Loves

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1. The harvest of fall fruits makes us want to get baking in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and new varieties of apples and pears. If there’s no time to spare for baking, or if you’d rather enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labor, then you can call the Baking Bandits for delivery or pick up of delicious home baked treats!

2. Nothing will inject a fresh new spirit in to a room like a bold statement making wallpaper. We love this one selected by Marjorie Johnston & Co Interior Design and installed in their gorgeous shop Jojo Home! Call them to help you select the right wallpaper or any other pieces to spruce up your spaces.

3. Give thanks this month! Nothing says appreciation like a handwritten thank you note on beautifully personalized paper. Holly Hollon can create an icon or monogram just for you or someone you love this holiday season!

4. Potted orchids are a quick and beautiful way to bring a bit of nature inside. Use blue and white pots like these or any pretty container for an instantly lovely addition to any space. Leaf n Petal has orchids, pretty containers and all of the fall/winter plants you’ll need for welcoming family and friends this holiday season.

5. The evenings are getting chilly, and curling up on the sofa with a book or your favorite tv show will be so much cozier with a soft knit blanket from Suite Dreams. We are especially loving the cable knit!

6. November may bring large events, small family gatherings, or family photo sittings so you will want to look your best with a perfect blow-out from the Blow-Out Bar at Tonya Jones Salon.

7. Age doesn’t matter when you top off your outfit with statement coat! We love this adorable skirted version from Swoop for girls, and ladies can find their perfectly chic coat from Etc… Jewelry and Accessories.

Shop Local this holiday season, and don’t forget to tell them SCOUT sent you!!


Where Fun Begins

Swoop is the whimsical creation of owner Leila Morton. Filling a true gap in the market, Swoop opened in Mountain Brook Village to offer the perfect selection of kids and ‘tweens fashionable clothing as well as a selection of gifts and more! In one shop parents can find great outfits for the kids, birthday gifts and stocking stuffers while the kids spend their allowance on classics like a whoopi cushion or magic trick!

Swoop_V3 Blogready

If you are traveling this holiday season, you will want to arm yourself with activity books, coloring supplies and magnet games!


Boys will look sharp for holiday events in updated polos or button downs in fresh stripes and colors.

swoopboy For the girls, find outfits to make mom and daughter happy. Swoop has all of the best fitting pants and jeans in great colors, stylish tops, dresses for every occasion, and of course accessories to make everyone happy…bracelets, bags, hats, and more!

swoop2 Swoop is truly “WHERE FUN BEGINS”!! Be sure to tell them SCOUT sent you!!



Teal is our new fall favorite here at TSG Birmingham! Its luxurious tone, and ability to act like a neutral have us adding this color wherever possible. It can dress up a casual outfit, add depth to any interior space, and inject a bit of cool in an otherwise warm fall palette.


teal dress blog ready


From M. Lavender, look your fall best in this teal silk tunic. Paired with jeans and a chunky sweater or classic overcoat, you’ll look chic either way. Worried about a windy day destroying your blowout, or just want the perfect fall pop of color to top off a casual jeans and t-shirt look? This wool hat is a statement that will make others envious of your pulled together style.

M.Lavender Teal Fall serving need not be all brown, rust and gold tones. Add in some teal for a surprisingly beautiful fall table. We are in love with these Alison Evans Ceramics from Table Matters. They can help you find your perfect tabletop teal…glassware, linens, ceramics and more!

ceramics teal At Defining Home they know the power of teal. It plays well with gray, camel, black or white, and can mix with almost any color scheme. The exclusive Mitchell-Gold dealer in Birmingham, and a room full of fabrics, they can help you find your perfect piece!


DH Teal Teal looks great at any age…little ones can look their most adorable, and learn to love this punchy color with toys, and accessories from Swaddle!

Teal Swaddle Add a dash of TEAL to your life this fall! Shop local and remember to tell them SCOUT sent you!


Style Session with Southern Femme

I recently spent a couple of hours in my closet with Style Coach Megan LaRussa Chenoweth of Southern Femme. She and SF Marketing Director Laura Foster were a dream team of style! They whipped up outfits that I had never considered and organized all of the looks into albums on my ipad. Getting dressed has never been so easy!


Are you wondering how Megan will create looks from your closet when you don’t even have the right pieces to put together?  This is where I confess that I skipped a few steps in the full style coaching experience. So let’s back up and I’ll take you through the process.

For most clients, including me, Megan will send you a few questions to answer regarding your style needs, and tastes. First she inquired about the types of outfits I needed….daytime work wear, date night outfits with a sexy edge, and evening events that require something more reserved. Next, I sent Megan links to my style boards on Pinterest. I also sent her measurements, for which she provided a perfect tutorial. The measurements help her identify what shapes will be most flattering for your body type.

Once in my closet, we discussed my style boards/icons. Megan will push you to define what it is about each look that you are drawn to…the color, texture, shape, construction, etc… which helps to identify your personal style. She also asks about your “style history”. I was skeptical at first, desperate to leave that Laura Ashley prom dress in my forgotten past, but Megan soon revealed the value of examining all of the things you loved, hated, or were forced to wear as a child, as they play a legitimate role in how you present yourself today. This is where I had to admit that style is more than skin deep…it can affect your confidence, productivity and general happiness. If you feel confident about the way you are presenting yourself, then you can bring your best to every situation.

pinterestpicSF consultSF

Okay…prep work done. Typically, Megan will do an initial closet cleanse with her clients. We all have trouble letting go of past favorites even if they haven’t fit for years and went out of style around the time of parachute pants. We skipped this portion as I had just done a major purge and finally let go of pieces, while beautiful, weren’t serving my style needs or mental health by hanging in the closet for one more day! During this purge, I also hung on to a few items that I was considering having tailored, to get Megan’s opinion. Megan’s objective observation about these items was priceless.


jewelryfunSF Megan puts the finishing details on every outfit. She adds the perfect jewelry, shoes, bag and scarf where needed. As style coach, Megan is also great at figuring out what to do with your “problem pieces”. You know that one jacket or blouse that you love but have no idea how to make an acceptable outfit with….Megan can handle it!

Meganatwork After the closet cleanse, Megan and her team can help you identify key pieces to round out your wardrobe and create looks with what you already have. She and her team will shop with you, or for you, and fill your closet with beautiful pieces that meet your style needs. After you have a solid base of pieces to work with, they will create your look-book. This is where we began our day. Megan created looks that only a fresh perspective could have pulled off the hangers. Along the way we had a blast and I am definitely inviting her back to “get to know my wardrobe” so that we can add to the look-book and pinpoint future purchases. Megan and her team are fabulous personal shoppers, and will whip your closet into great style shape in no time!

outfitsanddetailsSF A huge THANKS to Megan and Laura for their style talent! And also to my good friend and fab photographer Beth Hontzas Photography for capturing the morning on film! Call Megan to help you plan your fall/winter wardrobe, or dress you for special events!



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Q&A with Seiler Skin

We love how Dr. Warren Seiler and his team at Seiler Skin take care of their patients and help them achieve beautiful skin at any age! Get to know the doctor and his practice with this Q&A…


Q: Of all the medical specialties to choose from, why Laser Surgery?
A: For me, it’s the perfect combination of the medical and cosmetic aspects of plastic surgery, dermatology and anti-aging medicine all combined into one. Through non-invasive procedures and medical grade skincare, I am able to safely and effectively treat patients and their skin health concerns. This often allows older patients to delay or avoid surgery. However, these procedures and treatments afford patients the ability to maintain their results after surgery.  Younger patients now can take care of their skin in a much more effective way to avoid the need for larger procedures in the future and look healthier and more youthful longer. Therefore I have devoted my entire practice to cosmetic laser and aesthetic injectable procedures.

Q: What is the most requested procedure at your office?
A: All of the procedures I offer are requested relatively equally however Botox and filler (Juvederm & Voluma) are the most commonly requested due to their popularity and large number of patients who can benefit from these treatments including patients of all ages and skin types.  Physician directed medical grade skincare is also something that benefits everyone. 

Q: What is the most underrated procedure you offer, in your opinion? In other words, what should we all be doing for healthy skin that we just don’t know or hear about?
A: IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Although more commonly thought of as a treatment only for “browns & reds” (sun damage, pigment, rosacea, vessels), IPL is a great treatment for acne, sensitive skin, collagen stimulation, and overall improvement in the texture, clarity and beauty of the skin. This is an easy treatment to undergo including minimal downtime, minimal discomfort and consistent result. In addition, it is a procedure that patients tell me they love to do for maintenance even if they do not have a specific concern because it makes their skin look great!

Q: You and your wife Jill run your practice together, and have worked together for a while now. Tell us a little about the yin/yang working relationship you guys have.
A: We couldn’t imagine it any other way. We trust and appreciate each other.  We compliment each other’s differences, strengths and weaknesses.  It’s nice to know the other is a long term (forever) and fully committed partner who shares the same goals and dreams for the practice. This all translates into a thorough, comprehensive and caring approach to better serve our patients. Our patients see the benefits of our relationship as it translates into their experience with us.

Q: So you aren’t always working…what are your favorite things to do on the weekends, and in your time off?
A: Even though we spend a lot of hours together focusing on the practice, we love spending our free time together. We enjoy relaxing together, exercising, doing yoga, watching movies and cooking dinner. Lately we’ve started to travel more to see new things.  Also we both love college football!

Q: What has been your most recent Netflix or TV addiction?
A: Oddly enough we both love crime investigation and serial killer shows including Forensic Files, Murder in the First, The Black List, Criminal Minds and 24.

We love this couple and what they do for our skin!! Go see them and keep your skin looking its’ best! Don;t forget to tell them SCOUT sent you!


October Loves

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Find what you love this October at the best of local….here! And don’t forget to tell them SCOUT sent you!